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The Write Stuff

Act I: Stanford grad 1976. NYU MA: Fiction candidate and dropout 1981. Thirty-five years of documentaries, corporate communications, multimedia, non-linear storytelling, human-centered experience design. Retirement.

Act II: Cedar Crest College Pan-European MFA awarded 2017. Second place in 2018 short fiction contest judged by Janet Benton, who noted "the precision of the observations throughout” and called The Road to Albiano "elegantly written." Two other stories selected for publication in literary journals in 2018 (see Pieces).

Debut novel, The Femme Fatale Hypothesis, completed in 2019 and picked up by Regal House Publishing for fall 2021 release. Use the player below to hear an excerpt from the novel. (Additional samples available in Press & Media.)

"The Why" - chapter excerpt read by Martha Roth and Bill Irwin
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Other Stuff: David lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his partner of over 40 years, Beth McConnell. His stories are set in or shaped by life in the small Delaware River town in which they have lived for over three decades. To paraphrase George Saunders from Thank you, Esther Forbes, David believes immersion in language will enrich and bring purpose to his life. When he returns to stardust, his hope is that he will have left something behind that a stranger will read and they will laugh, or maybe weep, or simply nod with knowing, and if he is extraordinarily lucky, they will even feel that their life was enriched for having read it.  He is currently at work on a series of novels set in the fictional river town of Marrsville, PA. 

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